Corning: Protecting And Expanding Gorilla Glass Market Share Through Innovation

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We have repeatedly noted in our previous articles recommending Corning (NYSE:GLW) shares that the heart and soul of the company’s success is their research and development focus and capabilities. GLW is a constantly evolving company due to their intensive research and development philosophy that allows them to enter new unforeseen markets. This article will briefly touch upon possible innovations and applications for the company’s wildly popular Gorilla Glass product in the near, intermediate and long term. The implications for such research involving applications for GLW’s Gorilla Glass is critical to the success of the company and their specialty materials division. Specifically, expanded commercial applications for Gorilla Glass allow the company to retain market share for such product by showing it is not interchangeable with other cover glass products. In addition, such expanded commercial applications allow the company to expand markets for their Gorilla Glass product, and, therefore, increase revenue and profitability for the company.

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