More good news from KASTUS®

The good news continues to flow from KASTUS® and we are pleased to announce the following.    

The good news continues to flow from KASTUS® and we are pleased to announce the following.


We are pleased to announce that EU and USA patents were granted for our KASTUS® coating antimicrobial solution, and this provides the essential IP safeguards for KASTUS® and its customers to exploit this exciting new technology. Additional patents are pending in several other countries including Japan, China, Korea, Europe etc. and we expect these to go to grant in the near future. Our intention is to file additional patents for several of our independent claims arising from the already granted patents and thereby further tighten the ring fence around our IP.         (Information on granted patents is available upon request.)


Following from the granting of the EU and USA patents, KASTUS® has received extensive media reporting on its KASTUS® coating antimicrobial solution, with articles published in the Irish Times, the Irish Independent, The Guardian and various other newspapers and online publications. This was followed up by TV reports about the benefits of the KASTUS® technology. Following from this media exposure, KASTUS® has received numerous enquiries from potential customers/users and from potential investors.


KASTUS® has been able to exploit the strong interest in the commercial potential of its KASTUS® coating antimicrobial solution and is currently facilitating investors who wish to benefit from the prospective growth of the company. The first round of funds will be invested in the company in the coming weeks which will enable the company to set up full scale production and commercialization of its KASTUS® coating antimicrobial solution and file additional patents, etc. Given the current demand from investors, the company is unlikely to need any additional external funding.

KASTUS® is now in a position to commercialize its coating AMS by offering to supply it to prospective customers in the form of a liquid solution or by way of licensing. Interested parties should contact John Browne via our website

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