Irish surface technology company launches game-changing superbug-resistant tiles into Middle East markets

Featured in the Irish Times, and Irish Technews, Kastus® is going from strength to strength with the ink drying on our most recent deal. Check out our latest press release here.

·       Ceramic tiles made with Kastus® antimicrobial coating technology now on sale in 15 countries across Asia and Africa

·       Company partnering with one of largest producers in Oman

·       Deal comes as Kastus® moves to new HQ and announces new hires

Irish surface technology company, Kastus®, have just launched their game-changing superbug-resistant ceramic tiles into the Middle East.

 The ceramic tiles were recently unveiled by Al Maha Ceramics, one of the largest ceramic tile producing companies in Oman, which exports to more than 15 countries across Asia and Africa.

Kastus® has agreed a technology partnership to product a bespoke range of tiles, called ‘iProtect’, that feature Kastus’ patented antimicrobial technology.

 Surface technology company Kastus® spent years in R&D to develop and build revolutionary technology which inhibits the growth and spread of super bugs. The company gained world headlines when the scientific breakthrough was made.

 “Only a handful of companies in the world have the technological know-how of these products. The launch of these speciality products will open a new era in the tiles segment in the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region. The hot summers and close indoor environment in the GCC can lead to a number of hygiene concerns. Al Maha iProtect tiles will cater to the needs for safer environments.”

— Rajeev Singh – Senior general manager, Al Maha Ceramics

 While celebrating its 10th anniversary, Al Maha Ceramics, which is listed on the Muscat Securities Market, launched the new “innovative and revolutionary” iProtect tiles at a ceremony in Muscat.

“We are very excited to have worked as technology partner with Mr Singh and his forward-thinking team at Al Maha Ceramics. The need came from Al Maha’s desire to drive innovation and to increase shareholder value, hence their new range of products with iProtect was born. We look forward to a long collaboration with this excellent company.”

— John Brown, CEO

Kastus® developed their patented antimicrobial surface coating to remove and kill harmful antibiotic-resistant bacteria and superbugs. Kastus® innovative surface coatings are activated by visible light, are ‘always on’ and are scientifically proven to block up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi with no leaching or toxic additives.

Kastus® coatings can be applied simply via a single firing manufacturing process and are uniquely effective at super-hot temperatures. They are 100% environmentally friendly with no silver content.

Meanwhile, Kastus® has moved to a new dedicated offices in Cookstown in Tallaght and now employs 15 people with plans to expand the team significantly in 2019. Two of the most recent appointments are ex-Googler Darragh O’Connor as the new Sales and Marketing VP for Kastus® and Michelle O’Brien as the new Marketing Executive.

The appointment of these two important positions at Kastus is key to the company and its aims for 2019 to increase commercialisation of our products across the world. Hiring top-class talent is an essential part of our strategic plan over the coming years.

— John Brown, CEO
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