Interactive Customer Experience Summit 2019

Kastus® was a key sponsor at the Interactive Customer Experience Summit (ICX Summit) in Dallas last week. Darragh O’Connor, Kastus’ Sales and Marketing VP attended the prestigious event in Dallas and met many leading brands who have prioritised touchscreens and touchscreen kiosks in their businesses. From B2C Brands such as Taco Bell, AMC, Nando’s, Walmart to Key manufacturing integrator brands such as Zivelo, NCR, GoldFinger and Frank Myers were all in attendance.


Darragh looking forward to progressing our opportunities with these customers going forward. If you attended the event and didn’t get to meet Darragh, contact him directly at [email protected] or simply fill out the form on Contact Us to request a call back.


Kastus® is a game-changing antimicrobial coating applied during manufacturing to create touchscreens with 24/7 germ-free protection for life. Our patented liquid coating technology is invisible and durable for the life of the screen.

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