Controlling the Spread of Germs with Kastus Screens

Touchscreens Infection Control Kastus

Kastus CEO, John Browne recently took part in a webinar on Touchscreens and Controlling the Spread of Germs. Hosted by Digital Signage Connection the webinar addressed the burning issue of touchscreens spreading germs and how to prevent that from happening. This webinar was available for a mainly American and North American audience. It started an engaging online conversation around germs and touchscreens, and how to prevent dangerous germs spreading. It also investigates the penalties that brands will pay if they fail to plan ahead for this problem.

Leading expert in infection and environmental infection control Dr Hugh Hayden moderates the discussion. Click on the link below!


FULL KASTUS WEBINAR: Touchscreens and Controlling the Spread of Germs

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