Always-On Antimicrobial Coatings

We can all agree that touchscreens are an everyday essential for modern lives. Businesses, public services and organisations are investing $Billions in self-service screens to answer consumer demand and drive profitability.

The challenge to public health is that people do not realise that there can be 4 times as many germs on self-service touchscreens as on a toilet seat. The more we engage with everyday surfaces, the more touchscreen users are exposed to infectious germs such as MRSA, E. coli and C. diff. This poses yet more challenges for a business, as the state of the touchscreen at the point of sale represents a risk to their brand, their customers and ultimately, their profits.


The Kastus coating is an always-on solution. Easily applied during manufacturing, the Kastus touch coating is working actively from within the first two minutes of exposure to light. This means that your touchscreen is always protected from the infectious germs we carry around every day. Constantly working and completely non-toxic, Kastus touch works in the presence of all light.


There is a lot of information online regarding solutions with antibacterial spray, warm soapy water and microfiber cloths, etc. The current market alternatives such as warm soapy water can often lead to the spread of germs if for example the water is not cleaned promptly after first contact with the screen. Additionally, some manufacturers suggest anti-bacterial wipes and other such sprays. The problem with these solutions is that micro-organisms if not already resistant can adapt and become even more resistant to antibacterial sprays. This can make them even more dangerous for humans as they assist in the spread of super-bug resistant illnesses.


Another problem with these solutions is that they cease being effective the moment that the spray, water or other cleaning agent are applied. This leaves germs build up on the surface, spreading from person to person until the next ‘cleaning’.

This takes valuable time and resources from all organisations as they attempt to maintain high standards of screen hygiene, costing the business valuable resources ranging from finance, to staff hours.

Offering Kastus® enhanced screens to address this can also be a powerful opportunity to drive brand value, differentiation and growth.


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