Kastus® and Promarc announce next gen Touch Display partnership

Kastus® antimicrobial coatings offer 24/7 germ-free touchscreen protection for life.

The two companies share a joint objective to create the next generation of public touchscreen products with 24/7 germ-free protection.
MIAMI, March 16th 2020Touchscreens are an essential part of modern life whether using our personal devices or interacting with self-service kiosks. When scientific studies show that there are four times [1] as many germs found on a self-service touchscreen than on a toilet seat, it’s no surprise that many consumers are concerned about engaging with touchscreen surfaces and being exposed to infectious germs such as MRSA, E. coli and C. diff.
Kastus® is on a mission to tackle the growing issue of harmful bacteria contagion and spread with its game-changing 24/7 antimicrobial touchscreen surface coating. A patented coating that’s applied during the glass manufacturing process, Kastus® is scientifically proven to block up to 99.99 percent of harmful bacteria [2] delivering ‘always on’ germ-free protection to shared touchscreens and personal devices, such as tablets and smartphones — for life.
In a recent consumer survey commissioned by Kastus®[3], over 70 percent of respondents stated they were worried about using public touchscreens. Of those surveyed, over 80% also stated they would actively seek out a business or establishment that offered a touchscreen with an invisible germ-free coating. These insights confirm the consumer desires and business opportunities that Promarc will address with their next gen Kastus-protected antimicrobial touch displays.
“We are very excited to announce our partnership with Promarc and work with Milton and his team on their next generation of ATMs, Kiosks and public touchscreen products. This will be Kastus’ first launch into the Brazilian market and we are looking forward to growing the Kastus brand and business together with Promarc in such an important consumer market. The timing with the current global crisis is also very relevant, as consumer awareness and demands around enhanced touchscreen hygiene have never been so high” said John Browne, Founder and Chief Executive of Kastus®, speaking of the new partnership.
Established in Sep 2013, Promarc is an American Brazilian company which was created to support the banking and commercial automation market. Promarc’s focus is to contribute with banking industry growth sourcing and identifying innovation items bringing value to our customers products.
“Every day globalism is taking place in the world. People move a lot from one to another place. Touch screens are everywhere and being touched millions of times. Not always people can clear their hands before touch any public screen like ATM´s, Kiosks and more. So, Kastus comes in a very important time that killing the germs and avoid diseases are a key for human race” Milton Vavassori Jr, CEO.
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Milton Vavassori Jr
CEO, Promarc
[1] Dr Charles Gerba, University of Arizona.
[2] ISO 27447 Antimicrobial certification standard independently verified by Airmid laboratories
[3] Research conducted by Trend-Monitor in June 2019, with a representative sample of 1000 UK consumers
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