Kastus® and Inficraft launch new technology partnership

Inficraft to integrate Kastus’ patented 24/7 antimicrobial screen protection technology into their portfolio of commercial touchscreen products.

SEOUL. Kastus® Antimicrobial screen coating technology will soon be offered as standard within the Inficraft touchscreen product portfolio and will benefit businesses and organisations where multiple users are interacting with shared screens and displays.
Kastus’ patented coating technology has previously been proven to block up to 99.99 per cent of surface bacteria and fungi including antibiotic-resistant superbugs such as MRSA and E. coli. Now new independent testing conducted by a leading Global test laboratory has confirmed that the Kastus technology is effective against human coronavirus on coated surfaces.

This new partnership comes in a moment when global users of touchscreens are concerned about interacting with shared touch surfaces for fear of being exposed to surface bacteria and viruses.
“Antimicrobial coatings are critical in this moment to help give consumers an enhanced level of protection when using shared touch screens. The Kastus patented 24/7 Antimicrobial coating technology offers enhanced ‘always on’ screen protection and gives consumers the added confidence to interact with shared screen areas. We are delighted to announce this partnership as we continue our strategy to roll out Kastus technology across Global markets and categories in the touchscreen space”

Inficraft is a South Korea-based company, who has specialized in the custom development and distribution of the industrial-grade touchscreen product and technology solutions for the various market sectors such as POS, Automation, Gaming, ATM, Public Kiosk, Military, Government and etc., since 2013.

"The team at INFICRAFT is very excited to announce a new partnership with Kastus®. The world has changed to an era of the ‘new normal’ and we are now delighted to offer our clients a unique solution to help their customers feel more secure when engaging with touch screens. By offering such an upgrade as standard across our product line, we feel this is an ideal way to address our clients’ needs and to help to differentiate product offerings within our brand."
Logan Hur
CEO Inficraft.
To discover more about Kastus visit www.kastus.com
To discover more about InfiCraft visit www.inficraft.com
Kastus® coating technology offers 24/7 Antimicrobial touchscreen protection.
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