Kastus® partners with Global Technology provider Lenovo, and their OEM Solutions business to integrate their patented antimicrobial and antiviral protection technology into new and existing touchscreen devices in the US and around the World.

The global pandemic has changed how we interact with touchscreen surfaces forever. Now more than ever, consumers are concerned about coming in contact with germs and viruses when using touchscreen appliances as part of their daily lives. 

Kastus® has partnered with Global Technology provider Lenovo, and their OEM Solutions business to offer a bespoke range of commercial antimicrobial and antiviral screen protectors up to 34” diameter, as well as a new line of products with patented Kastus Protective coating technology already built into the screens as standard. Initially focusing on North America market before a wider Lenovo OEM global roll out, the goal is to offer business customers a proven solution to better protect their essential touchscreen appliances against harmful bacteria and viruses.

Kastus’ patented photocatalytic technology has been at the forefront of Antimicrobial and Antiviral surface protection since 2014 and offers the ultimate ‘always on’ protection for touchscreen devices. Kastus’ World-leading screen coating technology has been independently proven to be effective against human Coronavirus1 and up to 99.99%2 of surface bacteria. Kastus offers solutions for both new screen devices and also tempered glass screen protectors which can easily be applied to retro-fit and protect existing commercial screens in the field up to 34” in diameter.
“We are very excited to announce our new partnership with Lenovo OEM Solutions and work with Craig and his team on integrating our World-leading antiviral and antimicrobial touchscreen technology into their suite of innovative touchscreen business solutions. As consumer awareness and demands around enhanced touchscreen protection have never been so high, we look forward to working with the Lenovo team to bring the always on benefits of the Kastus protective technology to a wider Global audience. Exciting times ahead.”
“Lenovo builds its OEM business, we look for key partnerships that complement our own technology and add significant value for our customers as they build their solutions.  Kastus technology is a great example of first-in-class innovation that meets a critical need in the market. By providing antiviral and anti-microbial capability, our partnership with Kastus will set the pace in helping make touch-screen solutions safer in the market.”
Craig Arold
COO Lenovo OEM
  1. Verified by a leading global testing laboratory and tested in accordance to a modified ASTM E1053.
  2. ISO 27447 Antimicrobial certification standard independently verified by Airmid laboratories. 
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