Arktis confirms launch of a new range of Antiviral and Antibacterial smartphone & tablet screen protectors powered by Kastus® technology.

Arktis is a leading German personal device accessory brand and online site ( since 1992.       

Located in North Rhine-Westphalia, Arktis is best known for its range of branded accessories for smartphones, smartwatches and tablets. Following a close working collaboration with the Kastus Global product team, Arktis confirms they will launch a new product line of tempered glass screen protectors protected by Kastus’ patented 24/7 Antimicrobial surface coating technology. Artkis’ new Kastus-enhanced products will initially be designed for smartphones before expanding into tablets. The launch date is expected to be in the 2nd quarter of 2021.

Speaking about the new brand collaboration with Kastus, Michael Feldmann, Arktis Product Manager said:

“Coronavirus changed the World and consumers’ general awareness for viruses tremendously. As smartphones are one of the most widely used things in everyday life, we were looking for a professional partner that can seamlessly, and cost effectively integrate their Antimicrobial coating onto our tempered glasses for smartphone displays. With their advanced technology Kastus meets all the requirements to offer effective and permanent protection against Human Coronavirus, traditional viruses and harmful bacteria. By launching our new product line with Kastus’ patented Antimicrobial coating technology, we are confident to offer a significant advantage to our customers.”

Michael Feldmann
Product Manager at Arktis

The new Kastus-powered screen protector glass will be made with Kastus’ globally patented surface coating technology. Kastus technology works 24/7 and uniquely offers 3-in-1 protection against Human Coronavirus, traditional viruses and surface bacteria with 99%+ kill rates. 

Darragh O’Connor, Kastus VP Global Marketing said:

“Kastus are delighted to announce this exciting new product collaboration with Arktis, a market leader that is famous for its innovative product lines and German quality. Both our organisations see the potential to offer millions of German and European smartphone users a game-changing screen protector with built-in 24/7 protection against Human Coronavirus and harmful Bacteria as standard. Now through, peace of mind for smartphone users is just one click away!”

Darragh O'Connor
VP of Global Marketing at Kastus

News on the new product launch date will be communicated shortly. Stay tuned!  

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