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Glass surfaces and touch screen technology has progressed considerably in the last couple of years. Touchscreens have become incredibly popular in public locations, including interactive restaurant menus, directories, ATMs and self-service checkouts. However, these kiosks have started to become breeding grounds for bacteria, as infection-causing bacteria can be found on most public touch screens. The rising awareness surrounding the increased number of health issues is the major push factor expected to drive the antimicrobial surfaces technology market.


Due to the huge number of bacteria building up on our devices, industry professionals have been looking at ways to combat the spread of potentially deadly infections. This is where the demand for antimicrobial surfaces has grown, with banking, hospitality, healthcare, and other sectors now designing and producing devices with antimicrobial glass. Professionals are now aware of the risks of the transmission of bacteria coupled with fears of antibiotic resistance, so there are obvious benefits for including the technology in a product or surface.


How are consumers affected? 


Here at Kastus®, we carried out a survey with members of the public where 70% of them stated they were worried about using public touchscreens – especially bank ATMs, along with doctor’s surgery and hospital check-in screens. Over 80% also stated they would actively seek out a business or establishment that offered a touchscreen with an invisible germ-free coating. 


With touchscreens growing in popularity every day, multiple industries are making smarter choices to protect businesses and homes from harmful bacteria. When there are four times as many germs found on a self-service touchscreen than on a toilet seat, many consumers are concerned about being exposed to infectious germs.


Where is the antimicrobial technology used? 


At Kastus®, we can provide professionals with 24/7 antimicrobial germ-free protection for consumers – including protection against MRSA, E. coli and C. diff. It meets the demands for both germ elimination and touchscreen performance, catching on with a number of different industries where touchscreens are part of everyday operations. 


For example, in fast-food chains, Quick Service Restaurants or QSRs are often used where our antimicrobial solution is applied to the glass surface. It reacts with moisture in the air to form reactive, antimicrobial agents, which destroy the harmful bacteria they encounter. This invisible coating also transforms glass into a self-cleaning surface, reducing the need for chemical cleaners while providing germ-free protection. 


About Kastus®


Touch screen technology is used across multiple industries, and the team at Kastus® have developed surface coatings which can be applied to glass or ceramic surfaces during or after manufacture. The coatings are durable and active even after 50,000 abrasion cycles, making them the perfect solution to inhibit the growth of germs and bacteria on a variety of exteriors. 


 If you would like to find out some more information about what we offer, you are more than welcome to send across an email to [email protected] or telephone +353 (0)1 5241681.