Whilst online shopping seems to be taking over, brick and mortar retail stores are still incredibly popular and we all rely on them for certain aspects of our lives. From supermarkets to pharmacies the retail sector is huge here in the UK and stores will receive hundreds of thousands of visitors daily. 


Of course, with numerous visitors comes an array of bacteria and other germs too. Whilst all stores are required to carry out regular cleaning, there are still many issues in regard to the spread of bacteria. Frequent shoppers are becoming more aware of the spread of germs and with the recent COVID19 epidemic weighing heavy on everyone’s mind, these shoppers want to know that the retail sector is doing all it can to prevent the spread of bacteria.


Germs spreading in the retail sector 


The products in retail stores are frequently handled by hundreds of people before being purchased. Not only are they handled by customers but of course, they also have a huge process that they undergo before they make it to the shelves. You can guarantee that at some point during this process they will have been exposed to various bacteria and germs. 


Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do in this regard, and it is often recommended that customers clean products before they use them for the first time in an attempt to kill any harmful bacteria. Of course, if stores do have the ability to clean their products in-store regularly, then they should be doing so. 


In recent years, we have also seen an increase in self-service machines in the retail sectors and these days, even clothing shops are implementing them in their stores. Unfortunately, along with products themselves, these machines harbour bacteria and germs. These machines are incredibly popular and the majority of your customers will use them when shopping in-store, so cleaning them frequently is imperative to preventing the spread of germs. 


How Kastus can help the retail sector 


Seeing as the majority of retail stores are now aware of just how much bacteria and other germs are found in their stores, they will want to do all they can to protect both their staff and customers from common illnesses. In a bid to help the retail sector, Kastus have worked hard to develop surface and coatings technology that can be incredibly beneficial in regards to the spread of bacteria. 


Simply put, Kastus’ antimicrobial technology creates glass surfaces with 24/7 germ-free protection for life. Whether this glass coating technology is used to create antibacterial surfaces on staff electronic devices or it is used on self-service machines to protect customers, it will make a huge difference in regards to the spread of bacteria. 


The glass coating created by Kastus is applied to a glass surface during manufacturing and the benefits will then be locked in and active for the life of the glass. By working alongside various suppliers and manufacturers, Kastus can ensure seamless integration into any supply chain. So, we have the ability to aid the whole retail sector and will do all we can to ensure that as many manufacturers as possible are aware of the benefits of this antimicrobial technology.