Kastus® Case Studies

Case Study: KONE

How a luxury real estate group is saving almost $10K per month on building management, keeping 70 companies safer.

The Business

Luxury real estate group Pontiac Land Group (PLG), own and manage the iconic Millenia Tower in Singapore that is home to over 70 businesses. These businesses are reached every day by 19 KONE MiniSpace™ elevators. KONE were keen to find a new innovation partners to address the challenge of increased hygiene costs for clients like Pontiac Land Group, so they partnered with Kastus® in March 2021.

The Challenge

As the pandemic had increased cleaning schedules the building management team were spending 200+ extra hours per week cleaning the elevator touchscreens to reduce fomite transmissions! It was a vital task costing them almost $11,000 per month in labour resource and traditional cleaning products, while also creating 33 hours of downtime split between the 19 elevators on a daily basis.

The Solution

Kastus® screen protectors were retrofitted to all elevator panels in Millenia Tower. Our technology means that there is now continuous protection against viruses and bacteria. PLG confidently reduced their cleaning cycles by 90% – saving the company almost $10,000 a month.

days to return on investment

0 %

reduction in monthly cleaning costs

0 %

reduction in environmental waste


“The safety of our staff, residents and visitors is the utmost priority
to PLG. We are very happy with our test results and the resource savings created.”

Case Study: Moriarty Group

How a supermarket chain reduced hygiene costs at self-service checkout by 73% while protecting their customers.

The Business

Moriarty Group is a successful Irish retail and hospitality business based in Dublin, Ireland. As part of their portfolio, they run three very busy SuperValu grocery retail stores. Playing an important role in the community, Moriarty Group was keen to create a safer and hygienic shopping experience for their customers as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Challenge

With nearly 14000 customers using SuperValu self-service checkouts daily, these interactions result in an excess of 5,000 screen touches per hour. Moriarty Group's focus was to keep their customers and community safe by continuously sanitising the self-serve checkout screens, which resulted in additional high costs in cleaning materials and time.

The Solution

Kastus® screen protectors were retrofitted to self-serve touchscreens. Messaging on the screen and instore signage communicated the safe environment. Our tech delivers screen protection against harmful bacteria and viruses, and replaces the need for regular sanitisation with harsh chemical cleaners. The outcome was happier customers and staff, while reducing costs and carbon footprint.

weeks to return on investment

0 %

savings on cleaning costs indefinitely 

0 +

touchscreen interactions per hour protected by Kastus


“A technology like Kastus offers a cutting-edge solution that starts to kill viruses like COVID, and bacteria like E. coli on touch. This took away the pain of continuously cleaning the self-service screens while ensuring our customers and staff were being protected.”

James Moriarty


Moriarty Group


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