Kastus® for Commercial Touchscreens
(up to 34” diameter)

Kastus’ antiviral surface coating is a permanent, invisible treatment that is embedded into touchscreen glass during manufacturing. The technology delivers continuous screen protection against harmful bacterial and viruses including human coronavirus.

Differentiate your business and take care of your customers and employees

The world has changed. The Covid-19 virus outbreak has changed the world’s attitude towards hygiene and especially high-touch surfaces. At home, at work, and on the go.

Shared touchscreens have been described as the “mosquito of the digital age” and are a cross-contamination risk. For example, experts have confirmed that human coronavirus can survive on smooth surfaces such as touchscreens for up to 28 days. 

A recent Kastus study showed that 83% of consumers now claim to have become more concerned about germs and viruses since the pandemic, so there is a need for touchscreen-reliant businesses to provide ongoing reassurance about screen hygiene and protection. 

New touchscreens can now be manufactured with Kastus’ invisible, built-in surface treatment, that offers always-on antiviral and antibacterial protection. Protecting screens 24/7 against both harmful bacterial and viruses including human coronavirus.  The good news is that Kastus also offers a range of 24/7 antiviral and antibacterial tempered glass screen protectors which can be easily retrofitted to existing touchscreens with no impact on touch sensitivity or user experience.   

Kills >99% of Human Coronavirus and Common Viruses

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Kills >99% of Harmful Bacteria

Invisible Finish

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Permanent Protection

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Works 24/7 in Light and Dark Conditions

ISO Validated

New Touchscreens

Kastus can work with your business and supply chain to embed our 24/7 antiviral treatment into new touchscreen displays. Contact our team to learn more.

Screen Protectors

Kastus Tempered Glass Screen Protectors can be made in bespoke sizes up to 34” in diameter, subject to minimum order quantities. Click below to learn more or contact our team.

Kastus Applications for Commercial Touchscreens

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