Kastus® for Home Appliances

Kastus® patented antimicrobial and antiviral coating technology creates ‘always on’ protection for glass installed in Home Appliances.


Innovate your next generation of Home Appliances with Kastus®

Kastus® for Home Appliances

Kastus® for patented coating technology for Home appliances is offered across multiple formats and made to your product specification

Kastus offers 24/7 antimicrobial and antiviral protection against harmful bacteria growth and is proven to be effective against human Coronavirus.

Adding Kastus to the glass in your home appliances can help to permanently blocks up to 99.99%* of resistant bacteria. Our proven results against SA, E. coli and C. diff and can set you apart and offer enhanced protection for your consumers.

Proven Effective against Human Coronavirus

24/7 Antimicrobial Protection

Hydrophilic Easy Clean

Durable Protection

Visible Light Activated


Kastus® Research: Refridgeration

“Proper fridge cleaning and maintenance is vitally important though is often overlooked and viewed as “too hard”.

A study done on the average home fridge found
that salad drawers alone contained an average of 7,850
bacteria units per square centimetre. Whereas, the recommended amount of bacteria units per square centimetre for safe food preparation is between 0 and 10. Proper cleaning should be performed regularly to avoid
bacterial growth of this size”

Kastus permanently blocks up to 99.99%* of resistant bacteria. Proven results against SA, E. coli and C. diff and can help to enhance your home appliance offering

0 %

of households clean their
fridge glass shelves daily.
With 79% only every
2 weeks or longer.

0 %+

of consumers concerned about keeping their fridge glass shelves hygienically clean and free from harmful bacteria

0 %

of consumers are willing to pay more for this extra antimicrobial

Real World Applications​

Differentiate your value proposition and grow your business incrementally with Kastus®

How is Kastus® integrated into the glass surface?

Kastus® Glass solution is supplied in a liquid form and applied to the glass surface during manufacturing with standard roller or airless spray systems. The Kastus® coating is then sintered with the glass surface at temperatures from 600°C to 700°C depending on the manufacturing process.

Once complete the Kastus benefits are locked in and active for the life of the screen/glass. Unlike traditional technology, Kastus® retains its photocatalytic properties at high temperature – ideal for glass manufacturing. 

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