After 10 years in development, we bring you the new standard in antimicrobial performance.

Engineered by eminent scientists from DIT, Caltech and Trinity College in response to government, industry and healthcare requests to help eradicate anti-biotic resistant superbugs. We have developed an entirely new, patented approach to commercial antimicrobial attack. Proven to reduce the spread of harmful bacteria and fungi, our technology:

Is activated by Indoor Visible Light

Uniquely uses Photocatalysis

Boasts ZERO Silver and ZERO Toxic by-products

Is Invisible, Permanent, Scratch-resistant and does not affect the surface functionality

Is supplied to clients on commercially friendly terms


What does this mean for our customers?

From this innovation we have developed a suite of coatings specific to Glass and Ceramics. Agile and non-disruptive to the production process, our partners can now provide never before seen antimicrobial benefits to their customers.

A new approach

We work with partners to seamlessly integrate KASTUS® Technology with their products or profiles. Along with the trusted integrated KASTUS® Technology stamp, our marketing team will offer extensive support on claims, training and communication.

We ensure minimum disruption to production processes.

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A new technology

Our technology has been rigorously tested with ground breaking results.

Our Patents teamed with our technological agility and support mean we can offer real, commercial advantage to most clients and their product surfaces. 


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A new solution

Our products have been designed to seamlessly integrate KASTUS® Technology with customer products & profiles ensuring minimum additional capital expenditure and maximizing revenue potential.

We collaborate with partner companies to enhance and improve their product offering.