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Kastus® is building innovative partnerships with brands, glass producers and touchscreen manufacturers around the world. See who we are already working with below.

Our Partnerships


“We’re excited to partner with Kastus because of their innovative approach to antimicrobial surface treatments. The antimicrobial agent is fully infused into our screen protectors to provide ‘always on’ protection that doesn’t wear off during the lifetime of the product.”

Chris Ahern (CEO)


ZAGG Brands


"We believe that this innovative partnership with Kastus® will increase our brand and product equity. Not only tangible, but intangible cocreated assets will help us to make many more signature offerings. Using Kastus® antimicrobial coating will not only enhance our product with high antimicrobial protection but also, it will enable us to provide solutions for our resellers in a number of vertical markets where hygiene is a critical factor,”

Simon Woodman
(Sales and Commercial Director)



GNG Partner Logo 2

"At Guangdong NorthGlass, we continually strive to offer new and innovative solutions for our customers. This partnership with Kastus® allows us to further enhance our glass surface technology options for our customers and to increase our product portfolio as a result. Kastus® antimicrobial solutions helps us to meet the growing demand for germ-free touchscreens and we are excited to launch this new offering into the market”

Mr Song Cun Fa
(Vice President)


Guangdong NorthGlass

Infinitas partner icon

"At Infinitas, we understand the importance of a uniquely differentiated product positioning. We believe that this innovative partnership with Kastus® will increase our brand and product equity. Not only tangible, but intangible cocreated assets will help us to make many more signature offerings. 

Using Kastus® antimicrobial coating will not only help us to enhance our product with high antimicrobial protection but it will send a message that we care deeply for our customers”.

Ajay Joshi (CEO)



zeta ds black

“Antimicrobial coatings are vital right now for giving consumers a higher level of safety in shared touchscreen and display environments. When Kastus is applied with ZetaDisplay’s signage and software platforms, client businesses will be able to communicate that terminals have enhanced protection. We are excited to launch our new partnership with ZetaDisplay as we continue our global strategy to make our technology widely available in restaurants, shopping centres and airports, as well as public, domestic and corporate spaces.” 

Laila Hede Jensen (CEO)


Zeta Display


"The new antimicrobial touchscreens give a significant competitive advantage for our clients, who, with every treated screen, are proving they’re invested in their customer’s safety”.

Jesse Cooper (CEO)


MetroClick/faytech NA


"General Touch has always put our customers and their users at the heart of what we do. Our decision to partner with Kastus and offer their innovative antimicrobial coating across our touchscreen portfolio aligns perfectly with our approach. With Kastus, we can protect our customers’ brands and their users by producing touchscreens with a lifetime antimicrobial proficiency that only costs a fraction. More importantly, we can sleep better because our touchscreens are now safer than before"

Mr. Kimson Tan (C00)


General Touch

faytech logo

"“This partnership with Kastus allows us to further develop and enhance our touch display manufacturing capabilities in order to bring more value to the customer and provide an even wider range of customisation options. Our team is already exploring new opportunities in order to fully utilize Kastus’ coating technology across the vertical markets we serve and combine it with our touch and optical bonding expertise”

Raphael Fleischmann
(Head of Product Management)




“Partnering with Kastus to integrate their coating on our products will further enhance our touch display manufacturing capabilities, enabling us to bring more value to our customers and open new windows as we continue to push into the medical touch display market,”

Michael Woolstrum (CEO)


Touch International


"With innovative and high quality solutions production technology suitable for international standards, Yorglass meets the digitalization demands for more efficient learning environments, fast and productive communication points and efficient marketing points in the best manner. Thanks to our cooperation with Kastus we will take our efforts on customer-oriented solutions one step further, with goals of maximum operational efficiency and sustainability focused on high quality products and services incorporating the latest available technology.”

Mr Fabrizio Missich (CCO)



pro logo1
“Every day globalism is taking place in the world. People move a lot from one to another place. Touch screens are everywhere and being touched millions of times. Not always people can clear their hands before touch any public screen like ATM´s, Kiosks and more. So, Kastus comes in a very important time that killing the germs and avoid diseases are a key for human race”

Milton Vavassori Jr (CEO)



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