Kastus® for Sanitary Ware

Kastus® patented coating technology creates surfaces with 24/7 antimicrobial and antiviral protection for sanitary ware. 

Innovate your next generation of Sanitary Ware with Kastus®

Enhancing your offer with the added value of Kastus will help you differentiate and grow your business.

The Kastus Difference

Kastus® for patented coating technology for Sanitary Ware is offered across multiple formats from Toilets and Bidets to Baths and Sinks.

When Kastus Technology is added to the manufacturing process of any Sanitary Ware product the results are:

  • Enchanced hygiene, requiring less harsh chemicals for cleaning. Once Kastus is applied to your product it enhances hydrophillicity meaning less water is required to clean the product resulting in a cost efficient, eco-friendly sanitary product.
  • Water saving and eco-friendly – The hydrophillic properties of Kastus’ Coating technology creates a super-effecient water flow that helps the water to works harder so less is needed to deliver the same cleaning power. This helps to conserve water use and reduced the amount of chemical cleaning versus standard Sanitary Ware.

Each offer creates an enhanced ceramics surface that delivers 24/7 antimicrobial protection for life.  Our patented technology is ISO accredited and scientifically proven to protect against up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria such as SA, E. Coli and C. diff.

Kastus® for Sanitary Ware is durable and active even after 50,000 abrasion cycles, plus are uniquely adaptable to 1st and 2nd firing needs.

Consumer Research confirms that Kastus will differentiate your brand.

Proven Effective against Human Coronavirus

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24/7 Antimicrobial Protection

Invisible Finish

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Durable Protection

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Natural Light Activated

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Real World Applications​

Differentiate your value proposition and grow your business incrementally with Kastus®.

Manufacturing Integration

  1. Kastus® Ceramic is a liquid solution that is applied during the manufacturing process via traditional airless spray systems prior to the ceramic product entering the kiln.
  1. Kastus® is simple to plug into existing lines and uniquely adaptable to 1st and 2nd firing needs.
  2. The Kastus® team are fully available to support and assist your integration process across technical, commercial and marketing communications.

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