Kastus® for Glass Tableware

Kastus patented 24/7 Antiviral and Antibacterial Protection for Homes and Businesses

Self-Cleaning Surface Technology for Glass Tableware

Kastus for Glass Tableware

In the new normal, consumers and businesses are concerned about using shared surface items such as glass tableware for fear of being exposed to surface bacteria and viruses.

Kastus technology starts working immediately against viruses and bacteria on first contact. Our patented 24/7 antiviral and antibacterial coating for glass tableware offers enhanced protection, helping consumers and staff feel safer when interacting with these products.

Kastus’ coating technology is independently proven to kill >99% of Viruses including Human Coronavirus and harmful surface Bacteria.

Our intelligent protection technology can be spray applied in-line and during the thermal strengthening process, the high temperatures will not only strengthen the glass, but also cure the Kastus coating, sintering it into the glass surface creating a very durable physical bond. A large range of glass tableware can benefit from this protection, such as glasses, bottles, plates, jars, bowls, mugs, food containers and others.

Kills >99% of Human Coronavirus & Common Viruses

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Kills >99% of Harmful Bacteria

Invisible Finish

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Permanent Protection

Works 24/7 in Light and Dark Conditions

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Eco-friendly, Safe Touch Surface Technology

Real World Applications​

Differentiate your value proposition and grow your market share with Kastus

How is Kastus integrated into the glass surface?

Kastus Glass solution is supplied in a liquid form and applied to the glass surface during manufacturing with standard roller or airless spray systems. The Kastus coating is then sintered with the glass surface at temperatures from 600°C to 700°C depending on the manufacturing process.

Once complete the Kastus benefits are locked in and active for the life of the screen/glass. Unlike traditional technology, Kastus retains its photocatalytic properties at high temperature – ideal for glass manufacturing.

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