Kastus® Intelligent Surface Technology™

How it Works

Kastus’ patented technology solution is sprayed onto glass or ceramic surfaces and is then locked in to the surface during firing.

While visible light is the primary method of antimicrobial and antiviral activation on a Kastus coated surface, our technology also contains a patented ingredient that blocks bacteria growth in the dark. Ensuring always on protection in the light and in darkness too.

Once activated, this technology reacts with moisture in the air to form reactive oxygen species.  These agents constantly attack and destroy the harmful bacteria they encounter, leaving a super hygienic, germ free surface.

The result is an enhanced surface that provides always on antimicrobial and antiviral protection for life. 


Kastus® is a breakthrough antimicrobial and antiviral coating powered by the patented Kastus® Intelligent Surface Technology™. Designed to create a 24/7 antimicrobial and antiviral surface, it delivers a unique range of additional benefits in one advanced solution.

Kastus® is available for both glass and ceramics products, while being ISO certified to the highest industry standards.

Effective against human Coronavirus

Independently proven to be effective against human Coronavirus on treated surfaces

Antimicrobial Protection

Protects against up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria such as SA,         E. coli and C. diff.


Independently proven to be     Non- Leaching

Visible Light Activated Kastus Icon V2

Visible Light Activated

Activated by Visible light ​indoors and out – not reliant on UV light ​

Durable Protection

Always-on activation designed to last the lifecycle of the product

Proven results tested and certified to the following ISO standards

ISO 10545-3: 1997 in compliance with EN144411:2016

In accordance to ISO 10993- 1, 5 and 12

In accordance to ISO 22197:2018

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