Kastus® TouchScreens

Kastus® is a game-changing antimicrobial coating applied during the glass manufacturing process, to create touchscreens with 24/7 germ-free protection for life.

Touchscreen Germs

Touchscreens are an everyday essential for modern lives. Businesses, public services and organisations are investing $billions in self-service screens to answer consumer demand and drive profitability.

But people do not realise that there can be 4 times as many germs on self-service touchscreens as on a toilet seat¹.

The more we engage with everyday surfaces, the more touchscreen users are exposed to infectious germs such as MRSA, E. coli and C. diff. 

Consumer Research confirms that Kastus will differentiate your brand.

0 %

Are aware that the majority of infections(80%) come from what we touch.

0 %+

Are concerned about using public touchscreens.

0 %

Would actively choose to use public touchscreens with a germ-free coating than use one without.

The Kastus® Solution

Our patented coating, applied during manufacturing, creates touchscreens with 24/7 germ-free protection for life. Suitable for any touchscreen related industry.

24/7 Antimicrobial protection


Durable Protection for the Life of the screen

Invisible Finish


Advantages For Brands

Brand Protection

Brand USP

Employee well-being

Enhanced customer experience

Advantages for Manufacturers

Be a market innovator

Add value to enhance portfolio

USP to drive business

Easily Integrated to existing production lines